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Drinkery - Bourbon Street - New Orleans

After us, it’s all a blur.

The first place everybody goes on Bourbon Street is the Drinkery. Next door to world-famous Galatoire’s, this is where you come to drink the good stuff first because, well, you’re not going to remember it later.

Top-shelf hooch, an incredible selection of craft beers, live music you won’t be able to get out of your head for the rest of your life (that may sound annoying, but it’s not)…this is what sets Bourbon Street Drinkery apart. Will you see a ghost here? Sure! We serve ghosts. With valid ID, of course. But the only spirits at The Drinkery you’ll definitely run into are 100 proof.

Drink the good
stuff first.



Welcome to the future. Our collective human consciousness, or Ghost in the Machine, has gained a tolerance for hops beyond what mankind has ever known before.

This Double India Pale Ale is the necessary outcome.

Lager – Pale
Parish Brewing Co.
New Orleans, LA

8.5% ABV / 100 IBUs

Paradise Park


Experience the magic of Purple Haze.® Clouds of real raspberries swirl in this tart and tantalizing lager inspired by the good spirits and dark mysteries of New Orleans. Brewed with pilsner and wheat malts along with Vanguard hops, let the scent of berries in the hazy purple brew put a spell on you.

Fruit Beer
Abita Brewing Company
Abita Springs, LA

4.2% ABV / 13 IBUs

Zombie Ice


A delicious dark lager crafted in the traditions of the great German dunkels that inspired it. Our brewers skillfully balance five premium roasted barley malts with two hop varieties to create a dark, mysterious brew known for its bewitching character and magical spirit.

Lager – Dark
Faubourg Brewing Co.
New Orleans, LA

5.5% ABV / 22 IBUs

Pliny The Younger


This Baltic Oatmeal Milk Porter will change the way you think about porters. From its sweet coffee and chocolate flavor, to its silky smooth finish, this is one unique brew. So sit back and enjoy her sultry sweet side.

Porter – Baltic
Gnarly Barley Brewing
Hammond, LA

6.2% ABV / 20 IBUs



The Drinkery building was built in 1842. Our second floor event space features high ceilings, inviting furnishings and a balcony overlooking Bourbon Street.

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Live Music

Justin Donovan FPO
justin donovan
Mon–Thu — 2:30pm–7:30pm

New Orleans hybrid-guitarist and vocalist Justin Donovan delivers a blend of blues, soul and jazz unique to himself and the Big Easy. Prodigy of renowned American guitaritst Charlie Hunter, Justin plays guitar and bass parts simultaniously in a way very few can. Triple threat with his soulful vocals, he plays fresh takes of mid-century American music from the great cities of New Orleans, Memphis, Muscle Shoals, Detroit and Chicago.

Southdown Souls FPO
Tue–Fri — 8:00pm–2:00am

Eric Peters, Chris Roberts, & Justin Headley are three native Louisiana musicians who joined forces in the pursuit of the same goal– bringing the world a true, raw form of rock and roll that redefines the genre and taps into many others.

Join Us at Drinkery
Bang Bang
Sundays — 8:00pm–2:00am

Seth Stogner, Rick Voisin, and Mark Kryvanick constitute this Louisiana-based band is a whirlwind of energy, captivating younger audiences with their innovative fusion of jazz, funk, and modern pop. Their performances are a spectacle of vibrant lights and colorful, contemporary takes on traditional New Orleans attire, embodying the city’s festive spirit. They actively engage with their audience, often blurring the line between performer and spectator, making their concerts an interactive experience. Their music not only reflects the rhythmic heartbeat of New Orleans but also speaks to contemporary themes, resonating deeply with the younger generation.


Mondays — 8:00pm–2:00am

One of the hardest working guitarists in New Orleans, Steve Mignano blends a powerful command of blues guitar with soulful vocals and a distinctively New Orleans groove.

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12:00pm – 2:15pm
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2:30pm – 7:30pm
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Drinkery - Bourbon Street - New Orleans